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What’s Heaven Like?

This weekend in worship we’re asking one of the most important questions in this Christian Life: What is Heaven Like? As we look forward to our future hope, and final fulfillment, it’s only natural to wonder what we can expect. What will life with God in Jesus’ Heavenly Kingdom be like? What can we know about eternal life? God’s Word speaks beautifully, and authoritatively about the splendor that is the eternal life won by Jesus Christ, for all who believe!

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When the Storms Come

Jesus calls us to be His followers. Now comes the question: What should we expect in this Christian life? The truth is, we should expect trial and tribulation to be a part of this life in Christ. Jesus, however, does not leave without His help and promise. This weekend, in our Summer by the Sea, we will find a Jesus who speaks a powerful Word in the midst of our storm. Jesus’ words are powerful, and they accomplish that which they say. Are you in one of life’s storm? Is there a


Jesus and the Boys Go Fishing

Jesus not only calls us to something great – Forgiveness and life in Him, He also calls us for something great – connecting people to Him and the reign of His Heavenly Kingdom. This weekend in our worship, Jesus takes some of His first disciples fishing to show His ultimate power and rule over all things. Jesus is preparing us as Disciples to go out with His strong word, which always accomplishes the task which He assigns it. As followers of Jesus Christ, and fishers of men, we have the opportunity to Proclaim a Changeless Christ, to


Keep it Holy

God has made us with a yearning for weekly worship and rest. The gift of the Sabbath day was given for mankind to regularly connect with God. In worship this weekend, we are going to give thanks for the Sabbath, and learn why it is so important to that we keep it as a day set apart to remember the excellencies of our God.


On Fire!

The news of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead set His first Disciples on fire to share the Good News. Even in the face of backlash and persecution, Peter and John said that they could help but speak fo the things of Jesus Christ that they had seen and heard in their life (Acts 4:20). What would it look like if we were set “on fire” to share the Good News of Jesus with people around us? How do we get over the fear of speaking Jesus’ name to the world around us. These are the things

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