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What’s Heaven Like?

This weekend in worship we’re asking one of the most important questions in this Christian Life: What is Heaven Like? As we look forward to our future hope, and final fulfillment, it’s only natural to wonder what we can expect. What will life with God in Jesus’ Heavenly Kingdom be like? What can we know about eternal life? God’s Word speaks beautifully, and authoritatively about the splendor that is the eternal life won by Jesus Christ, for all who believe!

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Making Jesus Real – 4/15/18

Jesus has given His followers the unique task of making Him known to the world around us. In fact, as 21st century followers of Jesus Christ, we not only have to make the story of Jesus Christ known, we have to make the historical Jesus real to the world around us? How do we make Jesus real in a world that has so many answers to too many problems? This weekend we will hear from Our Lord Jesus, and prepare to make Him real in our lives, and the lives of people around us!


Easter 2018

The news of Jesus Christ Risen from the Dead, is the greatest news the world has ever known. In a world where we have to be so careful about the news we choose to believe, The Good News of Jesus Christ stands alone. The best news we have ever heard is true…Christ is Risen from the dead! And because Jesus is Risen, we too will rise. There’s no foolin’ on this April Fool’s Easter Day!


Back to the Future

What happens on Palm Sunday points forward to what will happen in heaven. Just as the people hold palm branches on Palm Sunday hailing Jesus’ arrival, people in heaven
wave palm branches hailing Jesus’ rule (Revelation 7:9). By faith, this future can be our final – and eternal – future!


Truth Be Told

One of Jesus’ final conversations is with a man who in the crosshairs of an existential crisis. Pontius Pilate wants to know, “What is truth” (verse 38)? Interestingly, Jesus never answers Pilate’s question – not because He cannot, but because Pilate does not really want an answer. Pilate’s conversation with Jesus does not lead him to Jesus.
Far too often, we have conversations with the Lord where, rather than seeking His answers, we are merely thinking out loud. What would it look like if we truly sought God’s answers to life’s biggest questions?


Famous Last Words

Jesus’ final lesson to His disciples is one of love: “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you love one another” (verse 35). Being that this is Jesus’ final lesson – a last will and testament of sorts – do we listen to and obey Jesus’ call of love?

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