We are excited to welcome Pastor Dustin Kear, his wife Jennifer and their two children Annabelle and Ethan to our congregation!

Pastor Kear was installed on Sunday, August 13, 2017 as our new Immanuel Pastor! His first service will be on Wednesday, August 16, 2017 during our school chapel. Visitors are welcome to attend, service starts at 8:30 am.

Front row:  Doyle Boykin (Prince of Peace, Cedar Crest), Allen Anderson (preacher & presiding for the installation;  Rocky Mountain District President), Dustin Kear (now our new pastor), Robert Mueller (Chaplain, VA Hospital), Brian Kachelmeier (Redeemer, Los Alamos), John Raess (emeritus, ABQ);
Middle row:  Brian Cary (emeritus, Pharr, TX), John Heffelfinger (Redeemer, ABQ), Doug Escue (Immanuel, Santa Fe), Phil Spomer (Good Shepherd, Edgewood), Ed Maas (emeritus, Edgewood), Quintin Cundiff (Calvary, Rio Rancho);
Back row:  Michael Feuer (Prince of Peace, Cedar Crest), Craig Furry (Our Savior, ABQ), Jay Mason (Our Savior, ABQ), Phil Quarles (Sandia Circuit Visitor;  pastor, Sangre de Cristo, Taos, & Christ Our Savior, Angel Fire), Neal Groeling (Christ, ABQ), Eli Lietzau (Faith in Christ, ABQ).